NoteBook FanControl

Stefan Hirschmann (Open Source)

A cross-platform fan controlled service for many different notebook models

OpenGL Extension Viewer

realtech VR (Freeware)

Fetches detailed information about current OpenGL 3D accelerator


NZXT Team (Freeware)

Free PC benchmarking software for gaming and PC enthusiasts


Futuremark (Open Source)

3DMark is an open-source and user-friendly benchmarking tool created by Futuremark that runs DirectX 11 benchmarking testing of high quality games and measuring p...

3DMark Vantage

Futuremark (Open Source)

3DMark is a freeware and user-friendly benchmarking tool which can run DirectX 10 benchmarking testing of high quality games

3DMark Basic Edition

Futuremark (Freeware)

Run comprehensive and thorough testing of high performance gaming PC.

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