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1Click DVD Copy is one the most reliable and fastest software available in the market to copy DVD movies for PC. Wanting to copy your favorite movie on another disk but clueless about how to do it? 1click DVD copy provides all the necessary tools and settings that let you create a perfect clone of the original DVD. It uses an advanced CPRx error correction technology that increases your chances tenfold to ensure the highest level of success in copying the latest generation of DVD movies.

Unlike any other software with complicated architecture 1Click DVD copy, you can navigate many options and how you want to customize your perfect DVD movie. And it doesn't require you to be a professional techie to learn every function of the software and any casual users can benefit and make good use of the program. 1Click DVD copy comes with its own integrated burn engine and allows the user to have full control over the content they want to copy and the parts they don't want to, and in addition to how much compression will the program utilize. Creating your own personalized custom movie DVD and enjoying it to your heart's content.

Selective copying
In today's technology, almost all of the DVD's from the reputable stores are dual-layered disks, meaning that it contains twice the amount of data as compared to a single-layered DVD. Which stores half of the content of dual-layered DVD's. 1Click allows the user the liberty to select the specific content they want to copy, you can copy the feature film or the extras or both of them. Moreover, 1Click DVD copy also lets you manage the compression to adjust the quality and squeeze them to a more manageable size on the DVD.

1Click DVD is compatible with every version of the windows, be it Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, and it's compatible with every disc region such as PAL and NTSC DVDs.

Simple and easy process of copying DVDs
1Click DVD is made for casual users who don't have technical knowledge of going through a thorough analysis of modifying and copying the content from one disk to another. Simply put the DVD you wish to copy and click on the start button, That's it! and if you're having trouble understanding it, there's also a user guide and technical support.

Key features of the 1Click DVD

  1. Copies episodic TV series, Movies, etc.
  2. CPRx technology for increasing the success probability of copying DVD movies
  3. Integrated burn engine
  4. Supports dual-layered media
  5. Copy a DVD movie on one disk without the need to split
  6. Free software updates for a year
  7. Supports both NTSC and PAL region movies
  8. Copy a movie to your hard drive
  9. Make a high-quality copy of just the movie including extras as well
  10. Free technical support

How does 1Click DVD works?
The beginning process of copying DVD files is very easy, just put the DVD into your DVD drive and start the program. The software will scan the inserted DVD and present you the list of all available episodes and titles, you can leave out the parts you don't wish to copy to the final DVD. Users can see the estimated final size of the DVD along with the source movie size in the chapter list. The user can also preview the video to be copied inside the program.

In the default settings, 1Click DVD will select its destination and source DVD drives. If you wish to copy a DVD to a different drive or location, you can simply select the destination drive or hard drive where the DVD files are located.  An operational folder is where the software will store temporary files for the copy operation. You can change the operational folder path to a drive where there's plenty of free space to carry out the copy process.

To quickly decide on a destination path for DVD content, you can utilize different copy presets. A good example of one of the presets in a 1Click DVD is custom. This preset lets the user select the movies and menu to what the user prefers to their choice from the list. Just like custom preset, other presets of 1Click DVD makes the user's selection of movies easier. In addition to that, the user can also pick more than one audio language for the custom DVD. Lastly, users can make adjustments to video compression % for the custom DVD, you can freely modify the video compression of your favorite movie using the compression slider. The more you compress, the more movies you can squeeze into your custom DVD.

Apart from the easy user interface and versatility it offers for beginners and advanced users, it also holds the advantage of other DVD copying programs. That is it can copy DVD movies containing bad DVD structures and bad sectors. Nowadays many DVD movies are made like this to prevent copying, but the 1Click DVD has already overcome this hindrance.


  • Features CPRx technology for an increased success rate of copying
  • Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD regions
  • Supports dual layered media


  • The free version has some limitations
1Click DVD Copy 1Click DVD Copy 1Click DVD Copy

App Name: 1Click DVD Copy

License: Open Source

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version: V6.2.1.8

Latest Update: 2020-11-08

Developer: LG Software Innovations

User Rating: 4

Category: CD, DVD and Blu-ray

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