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360 total security is the lightweight and easy to use antivirus that utilizes Avira and BitDefender engines to safeguard your computer against viruses and utilizes real-time monitoring to quarantine harmful software. This software comes with two versions of the software in total security variations, 360 total security, and 360 total security essentials to meet all the security needs and budgets for all the requirements for home and business. 

The only difference is that the essential version has fewer features compared to total security. The essential version of the antivirus lacks cache removal, performance enhancements, vulnerability removal features, and Wi-Fi hotspot scanning. In addition to that, this antivirus utilizes cloud-based engines and anti-ransomware tools to monitor the system 24/7 for reinforced real-time protection against malicious software and malware that poses security risks to your computer, harms your personal files and confidential documents.

Overview of 360 Total Security
Both are near identical, not only Total Security offers superior threat detection but multilayered protection as well coupled it with anti-phishing, anti-malware, and cloud scanner. Countering suspicious software to the latest threat that uses a computer keyboard, webcam, and parts of general protection of OS for secure browsing and system protection. 

Business users can use this antivirus as an extra barrier that preserves and assures protection from data compromise, tampering of files, and corrupting boot sectors and registries. 360 Total Security has a document protection feature, which creates, backup confidential files, sensitive documents before they’re compromised by third-party individuals.

Aside from aforementioned features it’s robust security instantly detects malicious elements, check plug-in USB drives, lock-on triggers, use a firewall, scan the data of opened and saved files, protect the registry and many more. Although the standard version of the software offers the same functionality, the original takes it to the next level for more thorough system optimization and protecting your PC at the same time. Here are some of the finest details this antivirus has as opposed to its standard version.

360 Security Plans and Prices
In this antivirus, it offers three tiers of plans for the users according to their requirements. So the users can pick that is best suited for them

  • 360 total security essentials

As the name implies, these plans offer a basic level of essential antivirus and anti-malware elements your computer requires. It safeguards your computer from possible threats and is totally free but contains a lot of ads. But if you want your PC for more than virus protection, it is not enough

  • 360 Total Security

This plan is more versatile and popular among users and lives up to your expectations about the antivirus and the services it offers. It possesses all of the essential features, in addition to speed up, clean up, and Wi-Fi security checks option. This variation of the software is also free and contains ads. The user can set it up the way they prefer, but all the functionality of total security is designed to run manually or by default.

  • 360 Total Security Premium

This plan offers all the powerful functionality and its full capacity of ensuring the best of the best in every field when it comes to optimizing your system and carrying out thorough virus protection. The premium variation of the virus gives the user access to clean your privacy, shred data, set up your firewall, and analyze your disk. In addition to the advanced features, it can schedule your clean-ups and choose a lively visual theme. It contains no ads as there is no need to upgrade. Offering a reasonable price of 13$ per month.

Pros of 360 Total Security

  • Security

We all are familiar that this antivirus has multiple engines of award-winning antiviruses running such as Avira and BitDefender. One very neat and good factor about this antivirus is that both of them perform exceptionally well on a regular PC. It offers three scanning options, Quick Scan which is completed in less than 5 minutes of running the antivirus. 

Custom Scan which only scans specific files and folders as the user-specified and lastly Full Scan, which thoroughly scans every nook and cranny of the system and takes more than 2-3 hours. In addition to that, it also checks for vulnerabilities the system has and quickly notifies if there’s any need of fixing them.

  • Performance

This compact antivirus consumes less RAM and process when running in the background and only takes 50MB of space which is very impressive for antivirus of this caliber. This antivirus performs outstandingly at the hardware with 3GB of RAM, 1.8 GHz, and 2 cores of CPU, but doesn’t slow down or gives any hassles.

  • Optimization and cleanup as well as simple user interface

You can optimize everything your PC needs to work on with a simple click on the optimize button. It disables unnecessary scheduled tasks such as font buffering service and software quality improvement programs. Its advanced cleaning module gets rid of junk files and free additional space. The software is easy to navigate with a simple and clean interface and advanced tools are available in the toolbox menu. Bundled together for every need of protection and easy to understand UI

Cons of 360 Total Security

  • It gets very suspicious of every software

The antivirus sometimes deems the program harmful even if obtaining it from a trustworthy website and is fully safe for OS. This unpredictable occurrence may be due to the setting or specific configuration of the antivirus itself and can be annoying when opening small files that are not infected with the virus.

  • There is no support

Despite the software offering the same quality as any competent antivirus, it lacks support in many departments. Although the company offers basic questions and answers online if the user is having trouble with the program. It doesn’t have live or phone chat support. E-mail support is available only to the premium version of 360 Total Security.


  • Cleanup and full scans are highly effective
  • The interface is clean and intuitive


  • Requires some tweaking for optimized security
  • Most of the tools are mediocre
360 Total Security 360 Total Security

App Name: 360 Total Security

License: Freeware

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version: V9.6.0.1329

Latest Update: 2020-11-11

Developer: Qihu 360 Software Co

User Rating: 3.8

Category: Firewalls and Security