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Technology has come a long way when it was only limited to only one platform running in the same machine. Especially applications exclusive to the mobile platform, and with the emergence of android emulators. Our dream of running our favorite apps of android on PC has finally come true. Wanting to play Call of Duty Mobile, but the controls are difficult to master on the Android platform? Not to worry as simple installation of Bluestack and you're good to go with the same controls as the PC version of the game. Fully experiencing the joy and taking the gaming to the next level.

Bluestacks is one of the versatile and easy to use Android emulator which allows the user to run android applications and games on your desktop. Available for both Windows and Mac operating system, it also offers several unique features which are on par with high-end smartphones. Customizable controls, improved graphics, and satisfactory performance with improved FPS. Wondering what else makes this android emulator popular with mobile and PC gamers? Then read on more to know what makes Bluestacks different from any other android emulator.

Lightweight and more comfortable
When it comes to gaming on Android devices, there are a lot of limitations faced by gamers for fully immersing in the gameplay. Intuitive controls, battery life, heating issues and lastly meeting the requirements for graphics hungry games like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile. These issues often pose a grave threat to gamers who want to game for longer hours. Bluestacks overcomes these limitations with fully customizable controls, changing graphics settings to the maximum, and lastly immersing in the game without worrying about draining the battery. Last but not least you can stream your favorite games more easily on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook using any other streaming software and OBS. Unlike phones which require extensive knowledge of specialized cables and software.

Effective multitasking
We all know the pain of pausing our favorite game in the middle of the gameplay. When you play games on your android device, you can't do any other task until you've completed that level or when the game's over. Bluestack completely remedies the problem, now you can switch to other Android applications while gaming for longer hours. Even better, you can switch to more than one game running simultaneously in Bluestack's multi-instance features. Making the experience smoother and fun, not limited to only one game, but several or more. A feature that is only available in Bluestack latest version.

Safe to use
Another factor that haunts the PC users is whether emulators pose any risk and stability when using it. You can relax as Bluestacks is developed by a legitimate company based in California, who provides a good service to their customer base, nevertheless, it is always advisable to beware of third party site which shares the emulator for download by illegal means.
Like every high-end Android application, bluestacks hogs a lot of resources of your PC, just like many heavy applications and games requiring more resources to run seamlessly on your computer. Make sure that there are no other applications running in the background when using bluestacks as it can be very heavy for less than powerful computers.

1080p or higher Graphics
Games on the mobile platform have always been on the short end of the stick compared to its console and PC counterpart. The reason being due to hardware limitations and complicated architecture. To ensure smoother framerates and optimizations, developers were always forced to render the games on lower resolutions. Leading to less detailed and blurry graphics in games, this is quite evident in Call of Duty: Mobile, were spotting the enemy is very crucial for winning matches.
Players always struggled at some point in reacting to the enemy due to low pixelated graphics. Bluestacks fixes that particular problem and allows the users to change the in-game resolution of graphics hungry games. Leading it to a more crispy and sharper look in popular titles. You can upscale the resolution up to 2K, however, we recommend players to use 1080p for maintaining smoother frame rates and gorgeous graphics, depending on your hardware.

Single key binding
We all know the hassle of performing repetitive tasks in the game which is required at some point in the gameplay. With bluestacks, you can get rid of the cumbersome task by binding it to a single key using its powerful script. Players who've played League of Legends knows this very well, where you need to use your powerful attacks continuously.
Simply record the series of actions and assign it to one key, and you can perform that same repetitive task with just a press of a single button. Quite handy for players who wish to enjoy the game without any discomfort of doing the same repetitive task over and over again.


  • Looks good
  • Easy to install games
  • Concurrent instances
  • Good key mapping


  • In-app operations slow
  • Not the best option for MMOGs
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App Name: BlueStacks

License: Freeware

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Latest Version: V3.50.66.2547

Latest Update: 2020-11-06

Developer: BlueStacks Team

User Rating: 4.21

Category: Desktop Enhancements