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Cheat Engine is an open-source useful utility that’s created to modify specific variables of single-player games into activating and deactivating certain game functions like increasing the difficulty level and setting custom hit points (HP) of the game for beating a very difficult level or toning it down to 1 HP for the hardcore gaming experience. The cheat engine is one of the handy tools that allow you to tweak the game’s functions to your advantage for completing an insanely difficult level or just want to have fun messing around. 

This is useful in many games like Skyrim and Dark souls where you need certain points to level up, having trouble progressing through the game? No worries as the cheat engine configure the game’s variable and allow you to store infinite XP to power up your character and enjoy the game.

Features of Cheat Engine

Antiviruses no longer treat cheat engine as malware
With the ability to modify certain values in the. INI file or several in-game files of the games, earlier versions of Cheat Engine were always treated as potentially malicious software or spyware by many antiviruses. Addressing this issue, devs created and modified the latest release of Cheat Engine 7.0 in such a way that Antiviruses treats it as the genuine regular software. Use the cheat codes of Cheat Engine 7.0 without any drawbacks to level up your character to beat the hardest levels in the game.

It no longer buffers in single-player games
The latest version of Cheat Engine fixes and optimizes several aspects of the software that you will no longer face any buffering when playing your favorite video games. Simply run the program along with the game running in the background and select the desired cheat you would like to take effect in the game. However, players should keep in mind that this utility only works with single-player games, running it on multiplayer can earn you a ban.

There is no limitation on using cheats
If you’re playing a game that requires multiple cheats like infinite health and ammo, you can use Cheat Engine 7.0 to simultaneously activate both cheats at the same time, and as you progress through the game, you notice the game becomes harder and harder with each passing moment while you’re at disadvantage. Use Cheat Engine to get the upper advantage in games that require faster reflexes and intuition easily and effectively.

Steps to download and install Cheat Engine

  • 1.  To save Cheat Engine, click on green download button on upper right side of FileProton
  • 2.   Downloading will commence shortly, click on download and let it finish.
  • 3.   Search the .exe file of the application in the download folder where the file is saved.
  • 4.   Double click on the setup file of Cheat Engine and follow the installation instructions.
  • 5.   After installation, you can open the app using the start menu or desktop icon. 


  • Cheat trainer Open source and powerful hex editor
  • Change any variable of your choosing
  • It is an open source


  • Can't be used in online games
Cheat Engine Cheat Engine Cheat Engine

App Name: Cheat Engine

License: Open Source

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version: V7.2

Latest Update: 2020-12-18

Developer: Dark Byte

User Rating: 4.3

Category: Desktop Enhancements