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ClamAV is an open-source antivirus engine that’s built with dependable features like detecting and eliminating Trojans, malware, viruses, and malicious softwares that resides in your PC and harms some of the important files that slow your PC operations and tamper with your personal files. It offers protection of multiple elements such as e-mail scanning, web scanning, and endpoint security and offers a handful of utilities that can improve and strengthen the security measures of your PC like command-line scanner, scalable and flexible multi-threaded daemon, and convenient utility for automatic virus definition updates.

ClamAV supports on-demand file scanning, multi-threaded scanner daemon, automatic signature updates along with file and archive unpacking and supports multiple formats. It is the best solution for your everyday needs for virus protection.

Features of ClamAV

Frequent updates of the virus database
Nowadays an outdated antivirus can prove very detrimental to users as hackers have come up with creative ways to bypass the behavior system of the viruses, which outdated antiviruses fail to detect and it slips past the security system and results in the locking of files using ransomware, spyware that monitors your daily activity and viruses that damage the registry files of Windows and corrupts it. ClamAV protects you from these uncertainties by frequently checking out updates and constantly updating your virus database to protect you from these newer threats.

Command-line scanner
ClamAV comes with its own built-in command-line scanner that effectively delivers you satisfactory results when scanning your whole PC for viruses. It works by sending a request to the daemon and initiate the scanning of data. After the scan has finished, it will display the results of the detected items and take the necessary action of quarantining and removing threats from your PC. It is imperative that users to enable two services called ‘freshclam’ and ‘clamd’ so these services can take effect and protect your PC.

Supports both Linux and Windows OS
This antivirus supports both Windows and Linux operating systems to detect viruses and malware along with scanning emails on mail getaway and checking the attachment file in real-time. It offers a decent level of protection with lightweight features. Meaning that it consumes fewer resources of your pc and is fully compatible with stationary antivirus protection.

Steps to download and install ClamAV

  • 1.  To download ClamAV, click on green download button on the upper right side
  • 2.  Download of this app will begin soon, wait for it to finish.
  • 3.  Browse the .exe file of the program in the download folder where the file is saved.
  • 4.  Double click on the setup file of ClamAV and follow the installation instructions.
  • 5.  After completing, you can launch ClamAV using the start menu or desktop icon.


  • Command-line utility
  • Multi-threaded virtual scanner
  • Open-source database


  • UI is a little complicated
  • No support service
ClamAV ClamAV ClamAV

App Name: ClamAV

License: Open Source

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version: V0.103.0

Latest Update: 2021-01-19

Developer: Cisco Systems, Inc.

User Rating: 4.39

Category: Anti-Virus