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3D builder is a useful and productive software that lets you create everything to make 3D content printable. Whether you’re simply running a presentation or want to build an amazing portfolio of your favorite 3D content and sharing it with your friends and family. 3D builder is here to fulfill all your needs when it comes to creating, viewing, capture, personalize, and print 3D models using this program. Not only does this software allows the user to create and edit the current ones, but it’s advanced 3D scan app and importing feature of images taken using a webcam or other device sets it apart from any 3D editing software.

The process of creating 3D content is very simplistic and intuitive for the novice or advanced users who want to get the most of their needs regarding anything related to 3D. Customize your 3D files by adding your name or make it more attractive by combining models and pieces to create something unique. Worried about not having a 3D printer? Not to worry as in 3D builder, you can request a professional quality made print of tour model inside the software and it will be sent to you by 3D Systems Cubify service.

The app has broad features despite its basic description, it supports and opens various types of files such as OBJ, PLY, 3MF, STL, WRL (VRML), DAE, DXF, 3DS, FBX, and it’s able to convert and export them into OBJ, STL, 3MF and PLY file types. What’s more, this app can automatically correct 3D models if the user has drawn incorrectly or missed any crucial part to make them compatible with 3D printing and text can be inserted to any shape or number from within the workspace.

Features of 3D builder

  1. Automatically repairs objects so it is printable Emboss any object with text or images
  2.  Clean up objects by simplifying and smoothing
  3.  Print 3D objects images on your paper
  4.  Save as 3MF, OBJ, PLY, or STL files
  5.  Drag and Drop to create simple shapes
  6.  You can use the 3D scan app to scan pictures in full color
  7.  Merge, Subtract or Intersect objects from each other or slice them into pieces
  8.  Take pictures with your webcam and make them 3D or use JPG, TGA, BMP, PNG, or 3D files
  9.  Add base objects to create busts or trophies
  10.  Open OBJ, WRL (VRML 2.0), PLY, STL, 3MF and glTF (v2.0) files.

Another cool feature this software has over any other printing software is that it supports Microsoft Kinect Sensor. This makes the entire 3D scanning process much more affordable for many people who are interested in experimenting or interested in the 3D printing craze. As well as adding support for Windows 10 mobile for this application, meaning you can use your mobile camera to 3D scan objects and convert them into 3D models. According to the official Microsoft description, all the user has to do is simply capture a few shots of the model and the 3D builder will automatically stitch and process the photos into a 3D printable model.

It has a 3D repair function as well
We all know the capabilities of this program for creating modifying and saving 3D models are beyond impressive. Surprisingly it has one of the leading 3D file repair systems on the market and it can repair any 3D file with errors, fixing models that services like “netfabb” would’ve had to do the job. Nevertheless, the 3D builder repair function is fully automatic, which means all you have to do is sit back and let it do the job since it analyzes every model we load in the software and alerting us if it needs any fixing or finding any errors.
Thanks to the partnership between Microsoft and 3D printing company materialize, users can have their models printed in 3D through an established 3D printing service with just a click of the button. If you have your own 3D printer, that’s great as well. One thing users should be wary about is that not all 3D printers are compatible with windows mobile phones. So if you’re using a mainstream 3D printer model like Dremel’s 3D idea builder, you should be fine. However 3D builder is far from perfect as it has minor slowdowns in some instances, but with the latest update brought by Microsoft and Windows 10 creators update. We can anticipate that more features and upgrades for 3D builders will soon be implemented in the latest build.

What’s new in the latest version?

  •  For inspiring models browse Remix3D.com and use the tools in the 3D builder to make them 3D printable
  •  You can generate a QR code and stamp it on your object
  •  New layered paint tools allow stacking textures and with the support for transparent texture areas
  •  rendering of realistic materials including translucent and metallic objects
  •  Full giTF file format support – realistic materials, animation pose selection, share with the giTF universe!
  •  Make new shapes by customizing properties of the basic shape


  • Print 3D objects on your paper
  • You can scan pictures in full color
  • Supports multiple file format like OBJ, WRL (VRML 2.0), PLY, STL


  • Limited Materials
  • Large volumes are not feasible in 3D builder
  • Slower Post-Processing
3D Builder 3D Builder

App Name: 3D Builder

License: Freeware

OS: Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Latest Version: V16.0.2611.0

Latest Update: 2020-11-18

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

User Rating: 4.24

Category: Imaging and Digital Photo