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3D mark vantage is one of the popular DirectX 10 benchmark program designed to measure the performance of your PC using advanced APIs to provide accurate performance details. 3DMark vantage includes four different tests, each demonstrating multiple dynamic lights, complex surface lightning models, physical GPU simulations, complex character animation, and more. 

Especially among gamers who want unbiased and accurate results in CPU and GPU temperatures, framerates, clock speed, and more. Its detailed charts provide a thorough report about your PC’s DirectX 10 performance and if it needs an upgrade or if the application is suited to run on a specific machine.

To achieve satisfactory performance and visuals in many applications. You can change the rendering resolution and quality presets for immersive and desired results. 

Overview of 3DMark Vantage
3D Mark Vantage offers all the features needed by the software to benchmark every type of device and hardware. The app’s vantage basic edition has performance presets and upgrading it to an advanced version unlocks more settings, tests, and presets for use. Whether it be it tablets, laptop notebook, or PC. 3D mark vantage is supported by every hardware of every different type

3D Mark Vantage has a total of four benchmark tests

  1. Jane Nash- Graphics test 1
    Witness super-agent and femme fatale Jane Nash as she sneaks around and escapes from the secret island lair in this gorgeous action-packed scene. In this particular test, it includes complex surface lightning models, physical GPU simulations, multiple dynamic lights, and complex character animation. This benchmark implements hierarchical rendering steps to form water reflection and refraction and has collision map rendering and physics simulation.  
  2. New Calico – graphics test 2
    In this vibrant and gorgeous cinematic, the new tale of action begins as space explodes. Damocles leads a gruesome assault on the planet New Calico. This test consists entirely of moving objects, missiles, firefighters, spaceships, and asteroids. Combined with variance shadows and mapped shadows. This 3D test includes parallax occlusion mapping, volumetric fogs, and true impostors as well as great numbers of local and global ray-tracing effects.
  3. AI Test – CPU Test 1
    In the merry go round air show, the daredevil pilots put on a dazzling display in this demanding CPU benchmark. This test showcases a high-intensity workload of pathfinding co-operative artificial intelligence. The AI calculations are made as the plane attempts to navigate a bunch of gates while avoiding collision at the same time. The whole process is parallelized and great benefits of having multi-core CPUs if available.
  4. Physics Test – CPU test 2
    The merry go round air show resumes in this heavy physics stress test for your CPU. The only difference is that the smoke trailing plane collides with various cloth particles and soft body particles against each other and to the ground. The smoke spreads and react to the plans moving around its vicinity as this test is specifically designed to stress the CPU Physics acceleration. The GPU is disabled by default.

System requirements for 3D mark vantage
To use 3D mark vantage with all benchmark tests and simulations such as Jane Nash and New Calico benchmarks. You need to have Windows Vista installed along with DirectX 10 supported graphics card. 3Dmark vantage was originally designed for Windows Vista Service pack 1 and Windows 7. With limited options for benchmarking. Unlike every other version of 3Dmark, the vantage never got demo mode.

Originally when 3DMark vantage was released on April 28, 2008, it came with a free trial which only allowed a single run. The basic version offered at a price of 6.95$ and the advanced edition cost around 19.95$. Futuremark released the last update of 3DMark Vantage on March 15, 2011, that discontinued the trial version and made the basic version available for free to download with much more superior functions than the Vantage version of 3DMark. 


  • It is custom-designed to benchmark DirectX 10 graphics card.
  • It supports multiple languages.


  • It is not compatible with any operating systems other than Windows Vista
  • It requires a substantial amount of video memory to run
3DMark Vantage 3DMark Vantage

App Name: 3DMark Vantage

License: Open Source

OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64

Latest Version: V1.1.2

Latest Update: 2020-11-12

Developer: Futuremark

User Rating: 3.5

Category: Benchmarking

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