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HideMy.name VPN is one of the friendly and the most lightweight VPN client that offers maximum data security and anonymity when you’re surfing on the internet. The software possesses the ability to remove geographical limits and letting the user access some of the restricted content that is not accessible by normal means as it is banned by your ISP or the government for reasons and takes your internet to the next level. 

Offering virtual private network with a maximum of 95 servers located in 68 cities in 43 countries around the world and keeps growing as we speak. You can effortlessly mask your IP address, conceal your location, and stay anonymous when surfing the internet. 

Features of HidingMy.name VPN

Privacy and encryption
This VPN client utilizes a standard list of connection protocols to secure your privacy that includes UDP and OpenVPN’s TCP, L2P, PPTP, and IKEv2. It also makes use of multiple encryptions like the powerful AES-256 bit encryption to AES-128 CBC (faster) and BF-CBC (slower and not recommended). 

As a bonus, it also uses the Chameleon technology uses the additional encryption to bypass the security system and active VPN blocking that are in many restrictive regions. Hide my VPN comes with a built-in ill switch that employs an additional level of protection that terminates your entire internet connection if the VPN is interrupted, preventing your sensitive data from being stolen or leaked.

Create private channels between users
Hide my VPN has unique features of it;’s own that strengthens the communication between one user and the other using its very own protected local network. This feature stands out from the rest of the VPN service providers as this network can’t be breached from the outside. Share your sensitive documents and files without any worry of any compromise or leak. 

Offers you unrestricted internet access
Users can visit any sites of their choosing without being tied to limitations and restrictions imposed by the ISP or government, or is geologically restricted. Open any website you want by simply choosing a server in a country where the site you want to visit is accessible.

Allows streaming
If you want to enjoy the streaming of your favorite movie or TV series, but the content is not fully available or is exclusive to a specific country for example - United States. Hide my VPN provides access to renowned geographically restricted streaming services like BBC player, Netflix that are region locked. Simply choose the server in a country where the service isn’t blocked and enjoy streaming your favorite TV shows and Movies.

Steps to download and install HideMy name VPN

  • 1.  To download HideMy.name VPN, click on green download button on upper right side
  • 2.  Downloading of the app will start soon, wait for few seconds
  • 3.  Find the .exe file of HideMy name VPN in the download folder where the file is saved.
  • 4.  Run the setup file of the VPN client and follow the installation instructions.
  • 5.  After installation, you can start the software using the desktop icon or start menu.


  • Faster speeds
  • Can unblock Netflix and BBC player
  • Incredibly user friendly


  • Small server network
  • Not many extras
HideMy.name VPN HideMy.name VPN HideMy.name VPN

App Name: HideMy.name VPN

License: Open Source

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Latest Version: V1.6

Latest Update: 2021-02-25

Developer: inCloak Network Ltd.

User Rating: 3.58

Category: Firewalls and Security