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Mouse Jiggler is a lightweight and simple piece of software that users can put to goods use for faking mouse input from PC to Windows PC and jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth. This app can be useful for fixing certain problems triggered by idle detection such as avoiding desktop screensaver that doesn’t have any means of turning off or as a quick way to stop the screensaver from activating during an important task on your PC or when installing a certain piece of program without having to worry about with the screensaver settings. 

Fix your idle detection issues in your PC by simply running the MouseJiggler.exe that comes in the release .zip file and tick the checkbox Enable Jiggle to let it jiggle the mouse pointer by itself. You can uncheck the box to stop. The jiggle is manageable to the point that you can easily operate your computer and carry on with your tasks even with jiggling enabled.

Features of Mouse Jiggler

Prevents the system from going to sleep mode
Whenever you’re installing a larger application of more than 2GB or downloading and installing high-graphics games with more than 40GB of file size, after a certain period of time when the system detects no input of mouse and keyboard, it starts to go into sleep mode thinking that you’re not doing something important. 

Going on sleep mode in the middle of installing software and games can damage the core files and leave you with useless files that no longer serves a purpose, and has unnecessarily occupied space. Turn on the enable jiggle option and sit back comfortably without the need of moving the mouse manually after a certain period of time.

Perform crucial tasks without the system going idle
Windows power settings when conserving power don’t seem to recognize that important processes are carried out and treating it as if nothing is happening. When you’re giving a presentation to your clients, running a projector, or watching a movie. Mouse Jiggler makes the pointer hop back and forth small enough that is barely noticeable on the screen. Tricking the windows into thinking you’re doing something important, perform your everyday tasks without any interruption of idle screen or PC going into sleep mode.

Easy to use
After launching the program, all it takes is a simple click on the checkbox to enable jiggle and relax comfortably in your seat. 

Steps to download and install Mouse Jiggler

  • 1.  To save Mouse Jiggler, click on green download button on upper right side of FileProton
  • 2.  The downloading of utility will begin shortly, wait for a few seconds.
  • 3.  Search for the .exe file of Mouse Jiggler in the download folder where the file is saved.
  • 4.  Double click on the setup file of Mouse Jiggler and follow the installation instructions.
  • 5.  After completion, you can start the application using the start menu or desktop icon.


  • Prevents the system from going to sleep
  • Enjoy watching videos without any interruption


  • Requires .net framework 2.0
  • No support or warranty
Mouse Jiggler Mouse Jiggler

App Name: Mouse Jiggler

License: Open Source

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version: V1.8.35

Latest Update: 2021-01-07

Developer: Alistair Young

User Rating: 3.32

Category: Cleaning and Tweaking