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Oracle SQL Developer (64-bit)

Oracle (Freeware)

Free integrated development environment that makes easy for development

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Systems Inc (Open Source)

Scratch Desktop

Scratch Foundation (Freeware)

Work collaboratively, think creatively and reason systematically with Scratch

Android Studio

Google (Freeware)

A versatile Android development environment for Windows PC

Windows Terminal

Microsoft Corporation (Open Source)

A versatile command-line system administrator app with modern features

Adobe XD

Adobe Systems Inc (Open Source)

Create best designs for mobile apps, websites, voice interface with Adobe XD


Floating Keyboard Software (Open Source)

Compile, Debug and Generate APIs using Insomnia

Android SDK

Google (Freeware)

Features development and debugging tools for Android operating system

Visual Studio Express

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

Start developing apps for Windows, Mobile or Web


ILSpy Team (Open Source)

ILSpy is an open-source .NET assembly decompiler and browser